Shorty Boy-Boy Brings the Party To Johnny Brenda’s

April 17, 2012 by  
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 Massimo Pulcini


Saint Patty’s, with all of its fun and partying, was the perfect day for Shorty Boy-Boy to release his newest 7”, Candy Man/Smoking Tea. And fresh from his first trip to SXSW in Austin, Texas, the local musician and his band were ready to rock out with a flurry of short and sweet indie pop jangles that had the Johnny Brenda’s crowd on their feet, stomping the night away.

Shorty Boy-Boy or, Josh Pannepacker, a down-to-earth dude with scruffy blonde hair, always has that same pleasant smile on his face. Whether it’s everyday life or on stage, Pannepacker is all about having a good time — something that shines clearly in his music. With the focus being on the fun, the band’s brand of catchy-garage-rock mixed with pop charm is nothing short of infectiously danceable.

Shorty Boy-Boy’s set was driving throughout. “Dolphins”, a dreamy number literally about dolphins swimming in the ocean, featured a tidal wave of riffing rock n’ roll that was torrential enough to make your head nod and your feet bop, but didn’t go so far to drown you in sonic bliss. Later on, an assortment of percussion instruments (and one very fine Dora the Explorer toy guitar) were handed out to the crowd in a crate before the group played a slower jam, “I Don’t Want A Job,” prompting the entire crowd to clang along drunkenly with their maracas, tambourines, and shakers.

One of the songs off the new 7”, Smoking Tea, which they performed was in a category all its own. Complete with neon clad, shutter shade wearing, on-stage dancers, all of whom had a coordinated dance number to boot, the song was a celebration in itself. A true party song at heart, an ambush of balloons were set on the crowd during the jam, with the strobe light sparkle keeping sure that everyone was feeling at least a little loose and tipsy throughout the set’s final stretch.

Shorty Boy-Boy’s trademark “party rock” won’t have you LMFAO-ing all night, but it’s punchy drums, driving guitar licks and hooky lyrics will definitely have you shakin’ what your mama gave you.

After the show, Pannepacker elaborated on the whole party aspect of his show.

“I couldn’t ask for anything more than to play for people who like to have a good time and dance. It’s just too cool. It’s just how we like to do it”

Pannepacker also described the Candy Man/Smoking Tea 7” that the whole show revolved around. “It’s just got this hot railroad track stomp to it. You can just put in your earphones and kick all around the city.”

And that’s just what the crowd did, romping their Saint Patty’s night away to the party that is Shorty Boy-Boy.